AIFC kicks-off Heartful Coach Program; signs MoU with the Heartfulness Education Trust

AIFC kicks-off Heartful Coach Program; signs MoU with the Heartfulness Education Trust

– The initiative is crafted to inspire Inner Transformation & Excellence for Football Coaches
– The program will be open for all coaches from Grassroots, Youth, Senior Teams, PE teachers & to all Indian football stakeholders

Association of Indian Football Coaches (AIFC) and Heartfulness Education Trust of the Heartfulness Institute have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Tuesday 13th October 2020 and with that kicked-off the program, ‘The Heartful Coach — Let’s Coach with our Heart.’ This Coaches Welfare Program is intended to help Grassroots Coaches, Elite Coaches, PE teachers and all Indian football stakeholders.

AIFC Directors along with representatives from Heartfulness Institute on the call earlier today

Football coaches across age groups are responsible not just for inspiring their teams to achieve desired results or winning tournaments but also enabling their holistic development (mental, physical, psychological and personality).

The Heartful Coach Program enables football coaches to connect with the infinite potential of their ‘heart’ through an experientially designed program. The program introduces them to simple Heartfulness Practices of Relaxation, Meditation & Rejuvenation, which can be seamlessly integrated in their personal life and coaching routine/practices.

The Heartful Coach program enables coaches to imbue a heartful touch to various aspects of their coaching style that includes communication, leadership, resilience, winning trust, inspiration, empathy, compassion etc & thus evolve as joyful, positive and inspirational role models for the youngsters/players they coach.

The Heartfulness Coach program is a much-required transformational program, that allows modern day coaches to focus not only towards competitive success but also towards holistic development of players/youngsters & infusing joy through playing sport.

Commenting on this initiative, Kamlesh Patel (affectionately called as Daaji), Guide of Heartfulness Institute said,

“At Heartfulness, our constant strive is to attain the purest connection between the heart and the mind to empower every individual to have a clearer vision of their goals in life. Football being the finest example of moving towards the target with speed and control, I feel this journey will help the coaches of AIFC becoming an inspiring catalyst for a child’s overall development besides nurturing his/her quest for excellence in the game. Teachers and coaches lay the foundations for the youth- be it in sport or in academics, it is therefore very important that those who inspire are equipped with the right kind of life skills. The ‘Heartful Coach’ Program will ensure that coaching takes on a very important dimension of addressing the softer but more important requirements of the sportsmen – how to effectively deal with emotional and mental challenges that the game may present. Challenges that can have a bearing on the ability of the individuals to make a difference in the field and in their lives.”

AIFC Founder & Director Mr. Dinesh Nair said,

“We are happy to have this partnership as we want to further cater to the welfare of our dear Coaches. This initiative is a perfect example of empowering to help empower. We are really excited to take off with the Heartful Coach Program and believe this initiative to inculcate compassion, tolerance, empathy, humanity and to help in the holistic development, which includes mental well-being of a coach or an individual. And it’s just not only football as every sport internationally needs Heartful Coach training. AIFC intends to take this program to cover other sports than just Football and internationally too through various sports associations in its network.”

Conducted over 75 minutes per day and spread over 3 days, the ‘Heartful Coach’ Program introduces football coaches to the experiential Heartfulness Practices of Relaxation, Meditation & Rejuvenation and to appreciate how these can be meaningfully integrated in their daily lives. Regular practice of Heartfulness techniques helps practitioners perceive expansion in their own awareness & operate from a state of heart-centeredness and inner harmony. This in turn helps them exude a heartful touch to various aspects of their coaching style e.g. communication, leadership, resilience, building trust, inspiring students, managing stress & evolving as inspirational role models for their students.

The Facilitators for the Program will include:

  • Dr Hester O CONNOR, a clinical psychologist with 35 years’ experience from Ireland and Heartfulness Meditation trainer, specialised in childhood trauma and losses of all kinds.
  • Prashanth Vasu, Partner at McKinsey & Company
  • Devinder Singh Bhusari, owning one of Gujarat’s and India’s best & largest tennis academies, Shaishya Tennis Academy.
  • Francois Bouderlique, a Certified Football Coach from the French Federation of Football who has been coaching young players from the age of 6 to the state level for over 10 years & has also been a Director of board at district levels in France.

Mr. Francois Bouderlique, being one of the key facilitators of the ‘Heartful Coach’ Program and trainer Heartfulness Institute said,

“India is a hub that produces estimable sportsmen across all formats and football connects intimately with the hearts of millions across the world. It is in the hands of the coaches to play a vital role in inspiring and empowering the aspirants to participate in the sport with interest and joy. Thus, it our responsibility to extend our learning to the coaches and in turn empower them in enabling a holistic development of the kids including their mental, physical, psychological and personality development at a grassroots level”.

The initial session which is a three-day program will be a closed event for AIFC Core Team members, elite coaches, coach educators etc. and thereafter the program shall be systematically rolled out for coaches across the country.

Participants attending the program shall be entitled to:

  • Simple Heartfulness Practices Booklet & Other Reading Resources
  • Access to Free Meditation Sessions with 15,000+ Trainers across the world
  • Free Heartfulness Magazine Subscription
  • E-Access to all Heartfulness Webinars and YouTube Channels

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